IMG_8004 2Five years after the 2012 Open Internet of Things Definition event , we invited the London Internet of Things community to work together on framing a more actionnable set of tools around good design in connected products.

On June 16th 2017 over 60 participants from across the UK & Europe were invited to start writing a certification mark. We worked over a day, hosted by Alasdair Davies of the London Zoo and collaboratively edited a document (archive) which we consider a first draft.

Fox Williams lawyers Rosie Burbidge and Josey Bright were on site that day and will be helping support the mark as the language around it is finalised.

People present on June 16th 2017 included:

  • Chris Adams (Germany)
  • Boris Adryan (Germany)
  • Alasdair Allan (UK)
  • Thomas Amberg (Switzerland)
  • Alessandro Bassi (Italy)
  • Eszter Bircsak (UK)
  • Peter Bihr (Germany)
  • Rosie Burbidge (UK)
  • Lina Castaneda
  • Mark Carney (UK)
  • Rick Chandler (UK)
  • Andrew Chetty (UK)
  • Alasdair Davies (UK)
  • Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino (UK)
  • Dries de Roeck (Belgium)
  • Martin Dittus (Germany)
  • Stefan Ferber (Germany)
  • Andrea Gaglione (UK)
  • Alex Gluhak (UK)
  • Janet Gunter (UK)
  • Usman Haque (UK)
  • Chris Holgate (UK)
  • Laura James (UK)
  • Nuno Job (UK)
  • Gerd Kortuem (Netherlands)
  • Max Kruger (Germany)
  • Albrecht Kurze (Germany)
  • Matthew Macdonald-Wallace (UK)
  • Graham Markall (UK)
  • Selena Nemorin (UK)
  • John Nussey (UK)
  • Jen Persson (UK)
  • Safia Qureshi (UK)
  • Peter Robinson (UK)
  • Gérald Santucci (Belgium)
  • Mark Simpkins (UK)
  • Iskander Smit (Netherlands)
  • Andy Stanford-Clark (UK)
  • Gavin Starks (UK)
  • Ling Tan (UK)
  • Rob Van Kranenburg (Belgium)
  • Bon ven Luijt (Netherlands)
  • Gill Wildman (UK)

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