IMG_8004 2Five years after the 2012 Open Internet of Things Definition event , we invited the London Internet of Things community to work together on framing a more actionnable set of tools around good design in connected products.

On June 16th 2017 over 60 participants from across the UK & Europe were invited to start writing a certification mark. We worked over a day, hosted by Alasdair Davies of the London Zoo and collaboratively edited a document (archive) which we considered a first draft. IT IP lawyers Rosie Burbidge and Josey Bright were on site that day to help with the language of the document.

Participants that day included:

  • Chris Adams (Germany)
  • Boris Adryan (Germany)
  • Alasdair Allan (UK)
  • Thomas Amberg (Switzerland)
  • Alessandro Bassi (Italy)
  • Eszter Bircsak (UK)
  • Peter Bihr (Germany)
  • Rosie Burbidge (UK)
  • Lina Castaneda
  • Mark Carney (UK)
  • Rick Chandler (UK)
  • Andrew Chetty (UK)
  • Alasdair Davies (UK)
  • Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino (UK)
  • Dries de Roeck (Belgium)
  • Martin Dittus (Germany)
  • Stefan Ferber (Germany)
  • Andrea Gaglione (UK)
  • Alex Gluhak (UK)
  • Janet Gunter (UK)
  • Usman Haque (UK)
  • Chris Holgate (UK)
  • Laura James (UK)
  • Nuno Job (UK)
  • Gerd Kortuem (Netherlands)
  • Max Kruger (Germany)
  • Albrecht Kurze (Germany)
  • Matthew Macdonald-Wallace (UK)
  • Graham Markall (UK)
  • Selena Nemorin (UK)
  • John Nussey (UK)
  • Jen Persson (UK)
  • Safia Qureshi (UK)
  • Peter Robinson (UK)
  • Gérald Santucci (Belgium)
  • Mark Simpkins (UK)
  • Iskander Smit (Netherlands)
  • Andy Stanford-Clark (UK)
  • Gavin Starks (UK)
  • Ling Tan (UK)
  • Rob Van Kranenburg (Belgium)
  • Bon ven Luijt (Netherlands)
  • Gill Wildman (UK)

After the event, we ran a series of digital and public events in London, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany to invite as much feedback as possible. In April 2018, after a year of gathering feedback, we decided against a certification mark and moved towards a free assessment tool which was published in the spring of 2019.

The digital presence of this project is still maintained by Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino & Thomas Amberg.