Since we started in June 16th 2016, we’ve put in a huge amount of effort to get to where we are now. Countless conversation, over 60 people involved, workshops across Europe with one clear set of outputs for SMEs working on connected products:

We think that is useful to a young company with little to no funding and a small multi-disciplinary team. Those kinds of teams are the most at risk of making decisions in a rush or without enough technical support.

You get access to a 1h free call when you fill in the tool and want someone to answer some of the questions you might have.

As our friends at Thingscon forked into the Trustable Tech Mark, you’d be forgiven to think ‘what’s the difference?’ and I’d like to think there isn’t much. Peter Bihr who has been building TTM as part of his fellowship at Mozilla, attended our kickoff event and decided to take it down the path of a certification mark as we decided to move away from it. We are all brothers in arms in the community, but Better IoT focuses squarely on helping SMEs and making that help free and accessible.

We think that by starting your design journey with Better IoT, it makes it easier to go for , not only TTM but a variety of certifications and standards out there when you’re ready for manufacturing and exporting.

So goodbye #iotmark, and hello Better IoT! As always follow us on Twitter at @betteriot

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